FIFuck up

When you find out that Iran has been suspended by FIFA, not for its nuclear ambitions, or for its lack of democracy, but because the government is interfering with their soccer program, do you think to yourself, “vindication for McGavick!”? Me either, but we aren’t short bus window lickers like Don.

Mike! the Pyschic


Mike McGavick might have been blown out by the largest margin in a Washington Senate race since “Scoop” Jackson was drawing breath. But despite his losing performance, two of the ideas which the former Safeco CEO espoused during his ill-fated campaign have come to pass.

Well, I hope they were unique and important things, not soccer and something even Lieberman was basically doing.

In October, McGavick began officially calling for former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to step down. With Democrats soon to be controlling the House and Senate, “Rummy” headed off two years of testifying in front of congressional committees by tendering his resignation to the White House.

Ironically, if he’d been successful, and the Senate hadn’t flipped, there’s a good chance Rummy would have stayed on. So sometimes you win by losing, and good job Mike!

Earlier this year McGavick’s campaign website began sporting a blog where the candidate opined on different issues. In what was definitely one of the “SayWA” moments of the election season chose as one of his first blog entries to call for the expulsion of Iran’s national soccer team from the 2006 World Cup. McGavick penned an article for the Weekly Standard along a similar vein. Iran played in the World Cup this summer but two days ago FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) announced that it had suspended the Iranian team from participating in any further international competitions.

OK, but according to the FIFA press release, they were banned for, “not adhering to the principles of the FIFA Statutes regarding the independence of member associations, the independence of the decision-making process of the football governing body in each country and the way in which changes in the leadership of associations are brought about.” Not because of anything Mike! said. I mean shit, FIFA recognizes nuclear exporter/dictatorship Pakistan.

Political prognostications like this would make Edgar Cayce jealous and should earn McGavick a spot as an expert on one of our cable news networks. Or at least a Capitol Hill-based psychic helpline.

If he was psychic, he probably wouldn’t have left his job for a failed Senate run. On the other hand, maybe he knew that was the only to get Safeco to give him all that scratch.

With this type of predictive success perhaps McGavick should next call for a six-lane bridge with a shoulder to replace the Evergreen Point floating bridge. Or at least for Kim Jon Il, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be locked in a room full of feral jackals…

Do the SPers get together? And why would they invite those people, other than their profound hatred of democracy, I mean?

2 Responses to “FIFuck up”

  1. broadway_joe says:

    Sadly, this is actually a pretty minor event in the world of international soccer. FIFA has frequently suspended national associations for similar reasons, mostly those of small nations, like interference or corruption. But suspensions have also been levied against nations for the acts of that government against its people (see South Africa and the former nation of Yugoslavia). And Goldy mentioned that Mike? was a rugby guy, so what the hell would he know about soccer?

  2. N in Seattle says:

    No, Mike! was a cross-country/track guy, one who (despite what he claimed in his campaign bio) wasn’t good enough at it to compete for a state title or run in national high school meets.