I Don’t Really Disagree, But

Post by Carl Ballard

Joni Balter has the kind of inside baseball piece that justifies the existence of local papers. I mean the NY Times and USA Today aren't going to cover this, and so I'm glad it is being covered. Even if the coverage is poorly written.

Democrats are bungee jumping with joy after learning that the Washington State Republican Party selected, as one Democrat put it, “The Rush Limbaugh of Washington” as its new party chairman.

Bungee jumping with joy? The bungee part seems pretty unnecessary. The rest of the piece doesn't explain why they would be joyful enough to jump off a cliff, so we're left with simply a terrible metaphor.

Most Washingtonians, mind you, could not name the chairman of either party and wouldn't cast a vote in the 2012 governor's race based on such a thing. The selection of former KVI radio host Kirby Wilbur is very insider-ish, but has ramifications for state Attorney General Rob McKenna, widely considered the Republican front-runner for governor in 2012, and a very promising one.

Rob McKenna is widely considered by the Seattle Times to be liked by The Seattle Times. Anyway, then she points out how it'll be tough to thread the needle between the activist base and the people who vote.

Should McKenna pander to the Teabaggers and the inevitably nutty platform they'll put in place, he risks alienating himself from the centrist swing voters every Republican candidate desperately needs to win statewide in WA. But neither can he afford to disillusion the rank and file party faithful manning the all important GOTV campaign. I'd say the smart money is still on McKenna in 2012, but without Esser in place to run interference, those odds certainly just got longer.

Hmm, that's an interesting if a bit caustic paragraph, Joni Balter. Wait, you know what I did, I accidentally copied and pasted from something Goldy wrote several days earlier.

McKenna is the best GOP candidate in years, but 2012 could bring another Democratic tide of young voters supporting the president. McKenna needs Wilbur to raise money like, well, a newly adjusted Seattle parking meter. If independents and Democrats are to vote for McKenna, it will be because of his moderate demeanor and nuanced stance on issues.

Hmm. Other than a terrible parking meter joke, that's a pretty similar analysis. Now granted, there are only so many things you can say about the selection of a party chair. If anything, I blame bloggers for being on time instead of several days late to the party.

And frankly, Goldy's piece had neither the parking meter joke nor the bungee jumping. All it had was good writing and several days advance. Yep, it sure is good The Seattle Times still has opinion writers.


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  1. Emily says:

    Speaking of “inside baseball” and who can name party chairmen, I could have told you that Luke Esser was chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, but I’m having a hard time remembering Kirby Wilber’s last name. The only Kirby I can ever think of is Kirby Puckett.