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Real Outrage at Fake Terrorism

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

– posted by thehim

I figured after the arrest of a young Muslim man in Portland for taking part in an imaginary terrorist attack, Victoria Taft would have some interesting posts. That she does. Here she is criticizing the Mayor of Portland for the fact that there was an angry radicalized Somali teenager going to school in a town about an hour away:

When the moment called for sending a strong message that Portland was serious about yanking the welcome mat for terrorists, Mayor Sam Adams sent the Somali/Muslim community a gay man, a woman and “peace keeper.”

Adams said he and Commissioner Amanda Fritz and Police Chief Mike Reese will be doing outreach to leadership in the Somali community.

These people show understanding about Islam by completely biffing the most basic understanding of Islam's beliefs about gays, women and wimpies?

Of course, the default position is that the folks in the Somali community are terrorists. Why? Because they're Muslim. And did I mention that this insane racist has a radio show in Portland?

I thought the medium was the message. This decision to make himself, Amanda Fritz and Mike Reese the liaisons to the Somali/Muslim community is tantamount to the city sending a black councilman to a KKK confab or Sam Adams to a MENSA meeting. I'm surprised he didn't decide to send a Jew! (Gads, is one of them Jewish?)

Of course, Taft has no evidence whatsoever that having these individuals become ambassadors to the Somali community backfired in any way.

I'm not saying all Muslims are bigots

You're just comparing them to the KKK.

I'm saying if you want to talk to the devout Muslims and Imams you send a man, thank-you-very-much.

That's calling them bigots.

Of course it's not enlightened. It's not right. But that's the way it is.

That's exactly how I feel about your blog.

Sam's homage to political correctness notwithstanding, THEY DON'T want to talk to the chick or the gay guy.

Again, there's no evidence anywhere that the move actually backfired. She just assumes she was right – and then boasts about it.

Adams is more worried about the Somali community who produced this would be bomber than about the thousands of HIS CONSTITUENTS who would have died at the hands of a member of the Somali community. He cares more about political correctness than about being correct.

This young man is no more representative of the Somali community that the Columbine shooters were to the white suburbanites of Denver.

Adams SHOULD have angrily denounced the attempted bombing of his citizens. He SHOULD have said he won't rest until justice is done.

He did.

He SHOULD have apologized for not being a part of the effort to bring in this would be bomber.

Why? It's clear he didn't have to be. In fact, this man likely would've done jack shit if he wasn't pulled into a fake plot by the FBI.

When we needed a firm hand Adams sent a limp wrist.

I've never encountered a woman with so many male insecurity issues.

But to show his 'toughness' and his 'seriousness' what did Adams do? He vowed to redouble police patrols to —-watch mosques to stop any “stupid copycatting” of the attempted arson of the mosque where Mo Mo the accused bomber prayed in Corvallis.

That's incredible. Taft criticizes a decision to guard local mosques even after one is attacked by an arsonist. Wow, just wow.

There was room to do both but he chose only one side.

One side of what? What else was he supposed to guard? The only actual act of violence that occurred over the weekend was against a local mosque.

In their zeal to look politically correct, Portland officials–especially Sam Adams–show they don't understand the threat.

No, they showed that they cared about the Muslim members of their community. That's not political correctness, that's being a responsible leader of a community.

And now apparently Adams thinks the rest of us are to blame!

“Bad actions by one member of any group does not and should not be generalized or applied more widely to other members of that same group,” he said. “Otherwise, as the biggest racial group in Portland, we European-Americans would be in deep trouble.”

Pardon me, as a card carrying “European-American,” it was “European Americans” and the rest of the hue of humanity who WERE in deep trouble Friday night and our Mayor didn't know the threat because he was too busy riding a bicycle while singing, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the way to the tram to attend a planning seminar.

Unreal. Ok, so the people at a Christmas tree lighting were in “deep trouble” because the FBI tricked a young Muslim man into thinking he was going to blow everyone up with a fake bomb. But the Muslims who had their mosque burned down didn't deserve to be protected by extra police patrols?

There's more to this insane, racist screed, but nothing explaining how Portland mayor Sam Adams' outreach to Muslims didn't work, how being the victim of an imaginary plot is worse than having your place of worship torched, or how Adams' decision not to be a part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force had any impact on this case at all. Just more ridiculousness from the Pacific Northwest's most bigoted radio host.



Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Post by Carl Ballard

I'm only like 90% sure the “Washington” in Washington Rebel is a reference to this Washington. So if this fucking foppotee comes from the other Washington or is rebelling against the other Washington or whatever, then I'm sorry I wasted everyone's time making fun of it. But in any event, TL Davis really hates unions.

If the people were so inclined, impeachment of Barack Obama would not be out of the question. While the Left likes to link Halliburton to any conservative and brand that conservative with the worst the corporation has done, or it has been reported that it has done, there seems to be no interest in the linkage between Obama and labor unions.

I, for one, wish there was a stronger linkage between Obama and labor unions. Labor unions are awesome. Labor unions protect workers and bring a modicum of democracy to the workplace. They provide a check against big corporations that the government has either been unwilling or unable to provide on its own.

Halliburton is partly responsible for the BP disaster, they have been bribing foreign officials and war profiteering including a case that their subsidiary's negligence killed US Soldiers; The UAW helped preserve 100,000 jobs (the complaint below). So, clearly they are the same thing.

Likewise, since dealerships are not unionized, the decisions to shut down certain dealerships for GM and Chrysler for whatever reason the administration offered were actually done along contributor/Democrat lines. I recall a lot of the owners of dealerships that were threatened with being shut down begging for some reason, or some logic to it, when all they had to do was review their donation records and party affiliation. Also, inner city dealerships were maintained while rural dealerships were axed.

This is still horseshit.

Now, the UAW has made out like bandits from the GM IPO while the taxpayers get shafted once again. Here is an article from The Washington Times that will illustrate the degree to which the Obama Administration has done nothing but turn GM into a union cash cow, supposedly a growing trough from which Obama intends to draw from during the 2012 election. That, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing short of money laundering.

The UAW took a risk and it paid off. They took over a significant amount of GM shares at a time when there was an open question if the company would survive. GM rebounded in part because of the work of UAW employees. It's a fucking success story. Now they may make money on the IPO because the company is worth more. Yay for the UAW; yay for the US taxpayer. The risk on its own may not have been worth it, but since it also saved 100,00 jobs or so that are desperately needed in this country it was a good risk for the government and for the UAW.

There are a few other instances where this method of boosting the coffers of the unions has gone on without even a hint of regulatory or congressional investigation. But, when Toyota had been accused of producing automobiles with a faulty acceleration glitch, they were investigated forthwith.

Yes, when Toyota's cars might kill us, there was an investigation. Horror?*

I would like to give the many members of the Obama Administration a view of the Congressional hearing room from the inside, sitting in the chairs facing our new legislators and explain to us, the American people who are on the hook for all of these wealth transfer payments to unions, where the money came from and where it went.

They've already been transparent about where that money and stimulus money went.

We all know this already. The stimulus bill went to unions both public and private. The jobs bill went to unions both public and privte [sic]. The profits from the GM IPO, where they took stock owned by citizens in the Old GM and gave it to the unions, then when GM relaunched itself, the old stock was recognized and about 1/3 held by unions was redeemed to fill their accounts with cash.

Yes, they took a massive risk on those shares, and that risk paid off. I guess that's much worse than the company disappearing?

If the legislature does nothing else, it should declare any union which accepted these funds during the Obama Administration as holding a conflict of interest and be unable to contribute to the Obama campaign, nor to any entity that has and/or will make donations to the Obama campaign. To the extent that comports with current election law, I have no idea. But, new laws are passed all the time and it often takes years to get it right.

But don't ban any corporation that might benefit or has benefited from one party or the other taking power from spending in any race. I mean fair is fair.


Open Thread

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

– posted by thehim


Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Post by Carl Ballard

I for one am thankful for Lou Guzzo’s obsession with long hair. In today‘s (11/25) commentary, at the end we get some “potpourri” and oh my God what a gem.

I’m certainly anything but an admirer of Communist dictators and their unfortunate minions, but I have to admit that once in a great while, they do something with which I agree. For example, the administration of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong II, has ordered Korean men, with the exception of the elderly, to get haircuts! Long hair is out! Verboten! Kim Jong chopped his locks to lead the way. Wow! If only pro sports leagues in America would follow suit and force the players with unruly, ugly long hair and braids to visit a barber shop.

You Might Think…

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Post by Carl Ballard

… that if you were going to title your editorial “Discomfort a small price for security on airplanes” you might want to make the case that the, um, discomfort actually improves safety. Otherwise you might as well just call your editorial, “it makes me feel good when someone touches my genitals in a semi public area.” But no. Here is as close as Spokesman Review comes to arguing that safety has improved:

For a long while, metal detectors and the occasional frisking seemed to suffice. Then some would-be martyr packed 80 grams of pentaerythritol tetranitrate in his drawers and tried to make it go boom somewhere between Amsterdam and Detroit. Fortunately, the ignition effort went amiss and a singed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab now stands charged with a crime, but his exploit ignited new worries at the Transportation Security Administration.

This person didn't board in the US, so even if you accept that the naked pictures/worst handjobs ever would have stopped him had he decided to go through JFK, the fact that he didn't means this is pretty weak tea. But again, they provide no evidence that this would stop a terrorist. So it's tough to gauge any level of security.

Obviously, keeping one step ahead of the bad guys – or at least not too many steps behind – is a major challenge for TSA, so the fact that the new, more aggressive screening steps have not been implemented until now is evidence that the agency is trying to go no further than necessary. The requirement to remove your shoes while going through passenger screening was imposed only after another terror suspect boarded with explosive footwear.

So your argument is that because it's happening now, it is necessary. If they had done the exact same thing earlier, it wouldn't be necessary, but it is necessary now. And we know this because they are doing it. Remember folks, freedom of the press is enshrined in our Constitution to hold the powerful accountable.

Anyway, those are the strong arguments. The conclusion:

No security plan will be perfect, but modest traveler inconvenience is a reasonable price to pay for a little added peace of mind.

Look, there might be a reasonable argument for those scanners if they actually keep us safe, and if they don't do more harm than good. I'm not sure about the super intrusive pat downs. But again, newspapers shouldn't take the government's word on anything. Not on wars, not on safety measures, not on things I like like health care reform. They shouldn't take corporation's word for things like the scanners won't fuck you up with repeated exposure.


In weather news…

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

- posted by demo kid

I'd feel for all you folks in the Pacific NW, but it's been below zero since Thursday here, and today it was -22 F during my walk to work. (Second coldest place on Earth yesterday, next to the South Pole…)

ppp removal

And like clockwork, Stefan puts out another one of his braindead “global warming update” posts


Another Great Moment in Public Humiliation

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

post by tensor

Shorter Stefan S.: I have never heard of vocational/technical or general education programs in public schools. Therefore, you must take my comments about schools seriously.

If his high school promised to teach critical thinking, I hope his parents got a full refund.


Shorter Victoria Taft

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Post by Carl Ballard

The fact that some health care companies don’t want all of health care reform repealed proves that Democrats are the party in the pocket of big business.

No Magic Underpants Need Apply

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

post by tensor

Shorter FWCon: You cannot make me admit that Republicans are horribly bigoted against my religion.

Regular FWCon:

The presidential frontrunner for 2012 is Mitt Romney.

Not of a party whose aptly-termed “base” hates Mormons with a passion they normally reserve for vegan lesbians.

The Tea Party movement is divided. It should always remain so.

(Insert joke at teabagger expense about “two balls in one sack” here.)

Anyone who can bring the Tea Party together deserves to lead our country.

So, someone who can do what shouldn’t be done deserves to lead? Uh, Okay…

Mitt Romney’s only weakness remains his past.

Ah, so you do admit his upbringing in your church will cause prob–

That includes two important issues: abortion and Romneycare.

And that he’s a member of your church, and therefore “not a real Christian” to the Bible-banging GOP base.

On abortion, people are allowed to have a change of heart.

I’m sure Jonathan will remember this the next time an anti-choice politician gives up that position to get elected.

I doubt many people who truly care about the abortion issue will have a problem with Mitt Romney as president.

Other than that neither side will trust him.

Is it any doubt that he will appoint justices who see Roe vs. Wade as injustice and judicial legislation?

The pro-choice side, including many women, will hold that against him. The anti-choice side won’t believe him.

Let each state decide what program it wants, if any, and let the states be responsible for it. Such a program is inappropriate for the federal government, not just because it is unconstitutional, but because it is not just or right.

The job of a true leader, at the state level, is to do what “is not just or right.” Got it.

Otherwise, every single one of Romney’s positions are squarely in line with the Tea Party.

Stop insulting Mitt Romney. The teabaggers’ only positions are “Obama is a Kenyan usurper,” and “Spellnig iz 4 Kommees.”

Mitt Romney worked behind the scenes on several influential campaigns. Not all of the candidates were Tea Party candidates, but a large number were.

Secretly working for a bunch of losers is a sure way to win.

Romney is able to bridge the gap between the moderate wing of the Republican Party and the Tea Party.

Neither of which matters, because the Bible-bangers will stop him in the primary elections.

On the one hand, he is moneyed and he has close ties, not just personal but political, with those who run the innards of the Republican machine.

Both of which the Bible-bangers will use to defeat him.

On the other hand, he isn’t so loyal to that wing as to eschew the Tea Party, as Karl Rove and others have. He is able to set his own pace and make his own positions.

So, the Bible-bangers will hate him for his religious beliefs, while the teabaggers will hate him for having his own positions. Great path to victory you’ve got going there, Mittens.

I don’t think Romney will be like President Reagan. I don’t think we need a President Reagan at this time.

Iranian-backed militants everywhere have a sad. Maybe they can commiserate with former death-squad leaders from Central America.

What we need is someone who crunches numbers and reorganizes companies for a living.

Because George W. Bush and his fellow titans of American business management have been such a success of late.

We need a grim reaper as president, someone who is willing to cut off his nose and hands to save his country.

Dude, you’ve got to stop staying up late watching those “Saw” flicks.

We need someone like Mitt who isn’t a political opportunist and isn’t trying to build a legacy.


During Reagan’s presidency, he was often at odds with his own administration.

Yes, some of them refused to deal with hostage-takers, while others did not want to arm terrorists, and still others did not want a wreath laid at the graves of SS. Reagan defeated them all!

We need, instead, someone who is able to make people feel good while they lose their jobs…

Instead of Ronald Reagan, we need George Clooney.

…who is able to make cold-hearted calculations and not budge an inch when people come crying about their poor selves.

Yeah, I agree that “compassionate conservatism” was a shitty slogan, but I didn’t mistake it for reality.

We already have a very conservative and very constitutional house as it is.

We all recall how smaller, cleaner government emerged from the last Republican House.

I fully expect that by the time primaries and caucuses are being held, the front runner will be Mitt.

And after the primaries and caucuses, the front-runner will not be a Mormon.

Down with big business by supporting big business?

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

- posted by demo kid

Fight “economic terrorists”… by encouraging a libertarian economic system where they are not regulated?

I think that’s just as good as telling the homeless freezing in the cold in “northern Snohomish” that fewer support services would actually make their lives BETTER.