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Nuclear power

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

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Japanese official says pumping system caused nuclear plant blast

Personally, I think the problem is that they didn’t consult with Dixy Lee Ray before building their nuclear reactors…

In weather news…

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

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I'd feel for all you folks in the Pacific NW, but it's been below zero since Thursday here, and today it was -22 F during my walk to work. (Second coldest place on Earth yesterday, next to the South Pole…)

ppp removal

And like clockwork, Stefan puts out another one of his braindead “global warming update” posts


Down with big business by supporting big business?

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

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Fight “economic terrorists”… by encouraging a libertarian economic system where they are not regulated?

I think that’s just as good as telling the homeless freezing in the cold in “northern Snohomish” that fewer support services would actually make their lives BETTER.

Well, he does get off on writing poetry too…

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

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When I read the title of this little note by Doug “I got kneed in the balls in Spokane” Parris, I couldn’t help but think that this was the only climax he was going to reach this year.

So I have to say that Doug’s posts have truly degraded in quality over the past few months. At least his prior lameass posts were good for an unintentional laugh! But making fun of Dino Rossi for being in a fashion show for charity? Damn… it’s like the smelly kid in the back of the class making fun of the quarterback for narrowly losing the Homecoming King vote.

I Think I Should Just Stop Giving This Guy Attention

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

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Jonathan brings on the massive, crazy levels of hyperbole by using a Blaze article about Communists to launch into a screed about why collecting income taxes is EXACTLY like murdering civilians in the Killing Fields of Cambodia or torturing dissidents in North Korea or resorting to cannibalism.

Seriously? Let’s go ask a refugee from the Vietnam War whether having your entire family murdered by the Communists is EXACTLY like regulations about low-flow toilets.

I’m really beginning to think that this loser is certifiably insane, and getting worse by the day. Looking through American history, dingbats like Jonathan have been vocal before, but I have no idea about the long-term survival of a country when a large bunch of lunatics can slander their opponents and actively advocate that they should murder them to protect their freedom… and be considered “mainstream”.

A Chicken Wing WTF

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

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So Doug Parris posts some of the most foul of things on The Chicken Wing, sometimes reaching the level where I feel like kneeing him in the balls myself. (A particularly foul case in point.)

But nothing exemplifies the “party of Reagan” more than some pretty weird-ass poetry superimposed over a still from The Lord of the Rings. It just makes me want to pinch his cheeks and pat him on the head.

And if it were on velvet, it would complete ANY double-wide…

We were just told about that the other day… on the news…

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

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Brilliant. Offered without any other comment (since it really doesn’t need it!).

Hope he had a box of tissues…

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

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iphone spyware

Case in point as to why I believe many conservatives to be sub-human: Frosty Hardison's outlandish wet dream about the murder of millions of Syrians. Hey… what's wrong with a little genocide if it brings back Jesus, right?


More on Tea Party Polling Propaganda

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

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A tip by the Clark County Conservative, led me to this article in The Columbian: “New poll’s validity panned by experts: Candidates who got good news from web survey play it up”.

I may not agree with Lew Waters' politics, but I do think that he was right on the money with what he was saying, and I do have to give him respect for that. The idea that a candidate could tout his “polling numbers” and then state that it's “not his job” to vet the methodology? It's dishonest and despicable… and mind-numbingly amateurish politicking, to boot. It just goes to show that many “Tea Party” politicians are exactly like other politicians — except with far poorer skills on the campaign trail.

Some folks much smarter than I (surprising, given they're conservatives!) have connected a few more dots:

Last week conservative political blogs and the Victoria Taft talk radio show were abuzz with questions about whether Hedrick himself had some connection to the Washington State Political Polls. A Vancouver web developer said he had discovered that the poll’s website had the same domain registrar, was hosted on the same server, had the same block of IP numbers and bore the same programming “footprint” and coding as at least three Hedrick websites.

Matt Trent, a network engineer for Lewis County who is volunteering his technical expertise in the Hedrick campaign, said that’s not surprising since the domain registrar has hundreds of thousands of customers and the hosting company has thousands of IP addresses.

Certainly not enough solid evidence, but enough circumstantial evidence to make some likely guesses. Given that this “polling firm” has not disclosed its actual name, more extensive details about its polling lists, or even a half-hearted defense of the big gaping holes in its methods… it all just appears laughable in its fishiness.

And, of course, some of the comments on The Columbian website are just… brilliant.

I guess any poll showing Hedrick in the lead is an issue. But the fact is and what the Columbian has failed to state is Hedrick is leading in all of the Public Polls.

Lew, how many names to you have on here? They are all coming from your same IP address.. Nice to be able to view the IP address of posters on this site.

David calls them out. They are the rude ones! They are the elected polititions who believe we are stupid, racist, terrorist types! God bless David for defending my Liberty! God bless David for having the guts to stand up to Brian Baird for calling ME A BROWN SHIRT NAZI TYPE!

The Columbian begins its smearing.

Seems like as we see more of these people in action, we can not only see that they're whackjobs… many of them are just completely divorced from reality.

writing service

And statistics, for that matter…


Jean Godden: Asking About Tunnel Overruns = Propping Up Dictators

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

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Let me interrupt my amusement over conservatives’ lack of understanding of radiative heat transfer and polling with a big cup of WTF: Jean Godden’s recent “editorial” about the Seattle waterfront tunnel in Crosscut. I don’t think that I’m going too far when I say that this essay is a big steaming pile of shit. While this awful excuse for an opinion article tries to discount McGinn’s concerns about cost overruns, it instead reveals how paper-thin and pathetic the City Council’s rationale for opposing McGinn is at this point, and how just plain inept Godden is at stating her positions.

In other words… it’s a perfect article for Crosscut. :)

I went home the other night and looked under the bed. Then I looked in the closet and the alcove by the fireplace. Nothing. Not one single “cost overrun.” Not even a stray “legislative intent.”

That’s when I became more convinced than ever that it’s time to put an end to all this fearmongering and begin the task of creating a waterfront for all.

I wonder if this is what she does for all important issues in the city. Seriously, does she come home and say, “No homeless under my bed! No need to worry about them!”?

For too many months, Mayor Mike McGinn has been trying to scare the public with his repeated outcries over “cost overruns.” You have to give the guy credit for his approach. He’s been using a technique commonly known as F.U.D. – sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Or the technique of raising a legitimate question that city council and the state government haven’t seen fit to answer.

His tactics remind me of a class I took at the University of Washington School of Communications. It was titled “Techniques of Persuasion,” and better known as “Propaganda 101.” The class studied techniques used for centuries to change attitudes and manipulate public opinion. These same techniques have been used to prop up dictators, popularize wars, and sell soap.

If the “manipulation of public opinion” involves asking questions that tunnel proponents cannot answer, this “technique of persuasion” should actually be called “giving the people more information to make a decision”. Doubt that many dictators were propped up because of that.

But hey… the Killing Fields and the surface option are the same exact thing, right?

The assigned text was J.A.C. Brown’s Techniques of Persuasion: From Propaganda to Brainwashing. As an unreformed book lover, I still have the text on my bookshelf. It’s interesting to see how many propaganda techniques the mayor has used in his mission to blow up the tunnel. Among them:

I see… so the best way to fight “propaganda” is to provide false motives for why the question was being asked instead of actually answering the question?

Simplicity and repetition. Make the issue something easy to grasp and repeat it over and over. In time, it will be accepted by your audience. In other words, instill fear of ‘cost overruns’ and “Who Will Pay?”

Sounds like a simple fear that is easy to grasp and SHOULD be repeated over and over again to me. Who will be paying, by the way?

Selection. Present one side of the picture only. Don’t talk about successful tunnels such as San Francisco’s Bart, the Third Avenue Transit Tunnel, or the 100-year-old railway tunnel under Seattle’s downtown.

All three of which, oddly enough, are tunnels for transit and not traffic. And note as well that the Downtown Bus Tunnel came in 56% over budget in the 1990s.

Odd that she isn’t raising the Big Dig in Boston or the tunneling for Brightwater, though…

Assertion. Make bold statements. Unveil graphs showing that everyone will be forced to pay big taxes for cost overruns.

Bold statements and graphs that haven’t been refuted, as far as I can see.

Find a scapegoat. Convince people that the governor and the city council are to blame. Offer to debate those who differ and if they don’t take the bait, have your surrogates stereotype them as cowardly.

You’re not a “scapegoat” if you’re actually the one creating the problem here!

The Big Lie. During his campaign the mayor said that, while he personally opposed the deep-bore tunnel, he would not stand in the way. He is now on the record as saying that he would oppose it, even if the cost overrun issue were removed.

Make the cost overrun issue irrelevant, and he won’t have a leg to stand on.

Ignore or discredit conflicting evidence. No matter that the city attorney has stated that the cost overrun language isn’t enforceable. Never mind that the governor pointed out that cost overrun language is merely an expression of legislative intent, not enforceable law. Nor that the state attorney general has said that further legislation would be required to make the legislature’s intent operative.

Despite the claims of the state government that Seattle will not be on the hook, there is no mechanism identified to pay for cost overruns with this project. Pardon me if I think this could all go horribly wrong; despite the lack of “enforceability”, that language is still there.

These propaganda techniques have all been employed by the mayor to oppose the tunnel project. Yet his most formidable weapon is the use of FUD, scaring everyone into thinking they’ll be taxed to the max for a project that they cannot influence or afford, spreading uncertainty about the ability of the project to be completed on budget, and casting doubt on the wisdom of preserving a vital transportation route.

Someone will need to pay for a tunnel that is very likely to cost more than what is budgeted now, and there is a proven track record for overruns in the region with the Beacon Hill Sound Transit tunnel, the downtown bus tunnel, and the drilling for the Brightwater plant. Less expensive plans have been developed that preserve a “vital transportation route” without relying on a tunnel. How is telling the truth “propaganda”?

Because the propaganda campaign has gone on long enough, it was timely and welcome Monday when I joined a majority of city council members in sponsoring a resolution that affirms the council’s intention to move forward on agreements with the state. After months of negotiations, the city council has introduced Resolution 31235 stating the council’s intention to authorize agreements if the state awards a contract to a bidder who can complete all elements of the deep-bore tunnel project within budget.

“Within budget”… for now. But later?

The resolution protects the city of Seattle and reaffirms the city’s policy that the state is solely responsible for all costs associated with the deep-bore tunnel, including any cost overruns related to the implementation of the state transportation department’s program. The resolution directly addresses potential overruns, stating that “it is the city’s policy that in no event shall the city or any Seattle area property owners be specially required by the state to pay for costs or any cost overruns related to implementing (the Washington State Department of Transportation’s) program.”

Because if costs skyrocket and the state refuses to chip in, the city council can just force the governor to pay more? I’d like to see THAT game of chicken, where drilling equipment lies idle beneath the Seattle waterfront while Olympia tells the Seattle City Council to go fuck themselves.

The hope that the mayor might give up on his mission to make “cost overruns” a perennial rallying cry is probably an empty one. Like the “birthers” who refuse to give up on their campaign to make the president seem an alien, the ‘cost overrunners’ are hell bent on spreading their propaganda, even after it has been repeatedly revealed as an empty threat.

Yes, folks… Godden just fucking went there.

It’s been an interesting exercise to witness. But now it’s time to move on and to focus our energies on moving the project forward and providing a corridor that works for the city, region, and state. We must take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to unite Seattle with the sweetest deepwater harbor in the world.

Don’t forget that sweet, sweet deepwater port!

The last sentence pretty much sums up the type of attitude that a lot of people find infuriating. In the face of some very serious questions about long-term budget issues, the response from a city councilmember is not crafted to address them and put them to rest. Instead, it’s simply, “Trust us… we know better than you. We wouldn’t want to lose this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity, would we?”